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Post  exiled-statik Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:39 am

PSN ID (Current):exiled-statik
PSN ID (Previous Ones):online2win

First Name:Justin



Previous clans:Exiled Gaming, AFGx, immortal gaming

Do you have a gaming headset and if so what brand/type?Turtle beach px21

Game/s that you are currently active on: Black ops, cod4

BO Statistics: (Current)
- K/D Ratio:2:90
- Days Played:2 days 11hrs, 10 days on online2win
- Score:
- Win/Loss Ratio:5:13

Mw2 Statistics (Current)
unsure got deranked in a clob a while back

Tell us a little bit about the kind of player you are: I am more of an objective player and when suitable I like to just have fun which is what online2win is for. I will listen and take in advise and listen to instructions given.

Favorite Weapons: Ak47, commando, mp5k, famas

Sensitivity: 5

Default or Tactical layout: Tactical

Favorite Perks: Flak Jacket, Soh, Tac Mask

Favorite Class Setups: Ak47 or commando dual mags, python speed reloader, stuns, motion sensor, frags

Can you host: Yes i can host as many people as needed.

Previous games owned: All call of duties, gta4 and a wide range of other games.

Why would you like to join Epidemic?: Because i've heard that you's are a serious clan and I am looking for a good clan to get back into competitive gaming and this looked like the right spot to go to.

Were you recommended by anyone? If so, who?:

What would you like to gain/expect out of Epidemic if successful?: Experience, some friendship with new guys, and just have some fun.

Facebook (Optional):-

If there's anything that you would like to add, please do so here: I hope you guys like my application and I hope to talk to you guys soon.


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Post  Mexzicann Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:52 am

i like ur name


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Exiled statik  Empty Re: Exiled statik

Post  Blqzn Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:35 am

Declined, sorry bud. Dont have the room. Bol

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