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Welcome to our home!

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Welcome to our home! Empty Welcome to our home!

Post  Yelzah Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:04 pm

Welcome to the forums of Epidemic. Here you can browse through background information on Ep and access things like News and Announcements, the Ep Roster and much more. Have fun browsing through the forums of Epidemic. Here is some information about the Clan [Ep].

[Ep] is a clan that was started by Blqzn and myself, Yelzaa in April of 2011. The both of us are in wYb and have been in wYb for awhile now. Yelzaa has been in wYb for three years on and off and Blqzn joined wYb around September 2010. Blqzn and I have competing on Sixaxisgaming for awhile with wYb and wanted to compete on Cybergamer as well. We thought to ourselves about leading a new clan and it sounded great so we went through with it and it was a great decision. Ep was made purely for Cybergamer because we were already competing on Sixaxisgaming with wYb. Blqzn and myself took the best wYb players and invited them into Ep for Cybergamer. All the wYb boys that are in Ep are all still competing for wYb on sixaxisgaming. We are now a strong clan and are now competing in the Pay to Pay ladders on Cybergamer. We are planning to become more and more successful as time goes by and we are looking forward to future ladders

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